Announcement – 26-July-2015

Hey Everyone,

I’ve decided to completely remove all my official accounts on online sites in which I uploaded videos, pics and trailers before i.e. youtube, facebook, flickr and ashemaletube. So there will be nowhere else to see my content other than this website.
If you see any other accounts uploaded my content on websites, then they’re not from me and are in copyright breach if they upload my videos without my permission.

I’m 100% retired from my Claire Bunni/CDBunni persona’s and will never be returning back to them. Had my fun with it with no regrets and I now have completely moved on with my life in a different direction.

I would like to say many thanks to everyone who watched my videos or bought any of my content or clothes over the past 2 years. There will not be any new content from the last uploaded video in February this year and I will continue to manage this site until interest has truly gone from people and video sales completely dry up, which looks like is pretty soon.

Until then, this site will remain active and I will be responding to mails with people who have any issues accessing content on the site.

All the best and many thanks to you all,


Update – 11-July-2015

Hey everyone,

Items in my shop are all now sold or either gave away to charity, so have also removed that page from my site now. thanks for your interest and to those who bought some of the items.


Update – 14-June-2015

Hi everyone,

Little reminder, mastercard payments won’t be accepted via ccbill after the 24th June 2015, so you’ll will need to get in contact with me after that date to pay via an alternative method if you only have mastercard to pay for things with ccbill on this website.

Also 14 items remain in my shop that still looking to sell off:

  • 2 lingerie pieces (€20 each)
  • 1 vibrator (€30)
  • 1 corset (€30)
  • 1 sports bra (€20)
  • 1 mini skirt (€20)
  • 2 nude bras (€10 each)
  • 4 bikini’s (€15 each for the black ones, €25 for the orange)
  • 1 black bra and panties set (€10)
  • 4 (€15 for 2)

Price details included above for individual sales, if you want to buy them all we can work out some sort of bundle deals.
Please get in contact if your interested to discuss the items in more detail.

Note: payment for shop items will be or gift card for the equivalent amount in £ or $ depending on which suits you better. Paypal not accepted.


Update – 06-June-2015

Hi Everyone,

update on previous post is that website will no longer accept Mastercard payment via ccbill for videos after the 24th of June 2015. you will need to contact me after that to arrange alternative payment via gift card (in pound sterling) for the same amount etc.

Also I have deleted my youtube channel and moved all my videos to the Media section on this website, due to the main reason in the next paragraph. Close to 100 videos now added to the videos page in the Media section.

Copyright protection has been added to the pictures and videos in the Media section as some people have been stealing my pics and videos and uploading on other websites without my permission to help prevent this occurring in the future.

I now no longer have an social media profiles for claire bunni, so if you see some anywhere using my name, then you should report as they are not me. I only will have this website anymore to manage it all for the foreseeable future.
Only profile out there that is my official page is the cdbunni profile on a-shemale-tube, to promote the videos on my website and if that gets abused will remove that profile and content and just concentrate on this website.

kind regards,
claire bunni

Update – 09-May-2015

Hi All,

just to let you know Mastercard payments for my videos will expire around next month as I won’t be paying the 500 dollars fee to take mastercard payment via ccbill anymore.

So payment via ccbill will only be allowed via Visa and other card companies ccbill supports.

If you don’t have any other credit card that is not mastercard, then you will need to contact me to arrange alternative payment via and email gift card payment (will be in UK sterling/pounds) instead and I will then send on the username and password etc in order to download.

Also I’m still looking to get rid of all my clothes and the offer of 100 pound for everything listed on the site for sale still stands, so please get in contact and I will sell for that, which includes P&P.

I will be open to reasonable offers for the same if no one wants to pay what I want.

I have also deleted my youtube account, I will try get some video plugin for my website to upload the videos here instead and just concentrate on managing my website until my domain expires etc.

Looking to sell – 20-April-2015

Hi all,

I’m looking to sell all the clothes I’ve left, which can be seen on my shop tab on this website.

I will sell the whole lot for 100 pound to the first interested person, as long as they from Europe. 110 pound if anywhere else.

so please get in contact if your interested.