Announcement – 22-FEB-2015

Hi Everyone,

I would like to take this time to announcement my retirement as my Claire Bunni/CDBunni character persona.

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who subscribed, liked or watched all of my youtube videos over the past 2 and half years. much appreciated and felt great to build up such a loyal and vast fanbase. I will only have good memories of my time as this persona would like to say goodbye to you all as I moving onto a new chapter in my life with new challenges and saying farewell to all of this.

Extra appreciation and thanks goes to anyone who bought any of my videos over the past two years as if it wasn’t for them sales i would have retired way sooner than this, as was losing the interest after the first year.

I learned about myself, tried out a few things, experimented so can say I have truly no regrets over this small period in my life, as I now know what i like and don’t like and if you don’t try things then you will never know and only regret it.

I’m just grown out of this now and want to move on to a different chapter in my life. As the saying goes – all good things come to a end, so thanks again folks and I hope someone better comes along to fill my void in this scene and keep you folks all entertained and happy.

This site will stay up and active until this november and i will continue to maintain the site till then, but that just you will not see any new content from me in the future.

many thanks and all the best folks :)
claire bunni

General Update – 07-Feb-2015

Hey everyone,

I have now completed my website host server change to hostgator :)

I had lots of problems with godaddy getting it to work with ccbill system with my first attempt to change back at the start of january, so reverted back to digiweb server. But now gave hostgator a try and everything is working great now so will stick with hostgator and cancel my previous host server with digiweb due to the extra traffic benefits with hostgator.

I will begin adding a video stream service option of videos I have not reuploaded to YouTube, that i recorded before to run from my website here in the Media section over the next week.

I will also look at integrating a shopping cart option for custom bundles for adult area videos, which I know some have enquired before so that you can save on the videos that you want to buy instead of purchasing them individually or all of the year bundle options currently available. single purchase option and the yearly bundles will also remain as is.

kind regards,


Update – 19-JAN-2015


I’ve reverted back to old host server, tried to move to godaddy but had problems getting the adult area user management processing with ccbill working with the server. so now back to old server, which will upgrade to more traffic limits within few days. If the limits get close to it I will be on the look again for a new host server which is compatible with ccbill

sorry for all the trouble. everything should be fine now and I’ve also updated the adult area to now show previews as well as screenshots. As a few people have been asking for it as they were reluctant to buy without getting a sneek peek of what the video entails.

kind regards,
claire bunni

Merry Christmas & Update – 26-Dec-2014

Hi everyone,

I would like to wish everyone a lovely Christmas & holiday period. Have a great time and stay safe. Also wish you all a happy new year too for the coming year :-)

My domain name has been transferred successfully to new domain registrar,  so that is stage one of the website transfer done. I won’t get the chance to move to my new host server until after new years day as away from my apartment at this time of year.

The site  is still up and running smoothly. So should be no problems till then.

Again merry Christmas from me and I wish you a happy new year too.

Lots of love,



Host Server Change – 17-Dec-2014

Hi All,

I will be doing a change over to a new faster more powerful hosting server provider over the next week or so. This may result in some issues with this site while the transfer is in progress. So please be patient until resolved.

First I will transfer my domain name to a new provider and then move my website to be hosted by the same provider. This will take some time uploading all the files and re-linking databases etc. But will only cement the host server change when the files are all uploaded in order to make the transfer as quick as possible and not impact people trying to access my website.

Note: I will extend all username and password purchased during the down time if that arises, so don’t worry about that :)

Reasoning for the change:

  • New service provider is faster and allows more data to be stored
  • Bandwidth improvements
  • Traffic Limits vastly increased which will allow me to host & play my own videos here on my website, which will also allow me to add video previews to the adult area to give you better feel of the videos look like before buying instead of just the screenshots currently used.