Update – 01-Feb-2016

Hi all,

I recorded new solo adult videos tonight and a youtube video which will upload the adult video over the coming days when finish editing it. I will only be making one or 2 more solo adult videos after this in next few weeks.

I will not be making new videos with CDs/Guy/Girls etc. In which i give a bj or get fuckef as have lost the interest completely in that. There not my thing anymore. So please stop asking me to make videos with you as I don’t want too anymore for the above reasons.

I wold consider doing a video in which I get sucked off and maybe one with another CD in which I fuck them. So you can apply for that if that appeals to you.

I will also record two additional youtube videos and then will pack up the bags for good :)

I will be selling all my stuff after the videos done recording, so if anyone interested then get in touch..breast forms, shoes, sexy toys, clothes, makeup etc. will be for sale


Youtube Channel – 05-January-2016

Hi all,

I have set up a youtube channel, so check it out if you get the chance and don’t forget to subscribe. Link to the channel and subscribe button is at the bottom of this website.

just one video uploaded so far. I will upload more videos to it over the next few weeks and months.


Good News – 15-Dec-2015


Good news is that I have thought it over and after so many messages to not leave and not to close the website, plus spending too much :P I have decided to keep the site open for all of 2016 and I will return in the new year with new adult videos throughout the year of 2016. Ye won me over.

This will see me return to one social media platform to help advertise my site and share pics throughout the following year. Will share that in the new year.

The new videos will only be solo videos, i have no interest in doing videos with other people anymore as have lost the interest completely in guys

Happy Christmas to all and wish you a happy new year. Look forward to hearing from you in the new year

Kindest regards,


Donations – 7-DEC-2015


I’ve noticed some people having trouble using ccbill for donations (some video sales also)

You can also donate or buy videos via Amazon.co.uk gift card by sending to my email if you have a Mastercard as didn’t renew the price to accept Mastercard this year due to cost and if you having problems with ccbill.

Email gift card link:

Email address to send to: cdbunni@gmail.com

Regards, Claire B

Announcement – 1-December-2015

Hi All,

My website will not close this month, as first thought.

It will now remain online until February 13th 2016 as that is when my host server renewal expires.

So you have two months and a bit more to view my videos online, purchase videos, or get in contact about buying clothes off me etc.

Best regards, Claire

hello – 25-Nov-2015

Hi everyone,

Little reminder only a few more weeks until I close the site for good.

I have a few underwear and bra sets left that would consider selling if anyone is interested. Also have a lingerie piece top n white skater dress left

Regards, Claire