General Update – 03-Nov-2014

Hi All,

I’ve made some alterations to the adult area section especially the video sale section.
To make it more presentable and split the 2013 & 2014 content and others into separate tabs to make videos easier to read and to know exactly which videos are upload in a certain year and included the that years bundle deals.

I’ve also added a Info tab to the section to explain payment options and what certain things mean when you buy a video etc.

hope you like the updates :)



General Update – 29-Oct-2014

Hi all,

I’ve added new adult toy items for sale in the For sale section of this website, also have other clothing items not listed there but pics are on my facebook fan page which looking to sell if people are interested, just click the picture on page to be brought to album of items for sale. I’m very keen on selling items, so get in contact with me via the contact form and we can discuss a sale.

Also have added a new solo video to the adult area section of the site for sale, if your a fan of my videos there :)

all the best,

YouTube Channel Update – 22-Sep-2014

Hi All,

unfortunately two videos of mine got disabled for being inappropriate so my new youtube channel created just over a week is not suspended for two weeks with two strikes, will appeal the second strike and hopefully win it, so can upload new videos without waiting for two weeks. If I fail appeal then one more strike within 6 months and channel is terminated by youtube.

This is rather annoying as now 4th time trying to get set up and back on youtube to no avail. looks like will never get my 17000 subscribers back :(

but only plus point is everyone visiting my website and facebook fan page likes. which both are performing better than ever :)
My adult area is also still going strong and appreciate everyone who has bought a video. which is the only reason why I made so many youtube videos in the first place, as it funds everything ;)

Update: won the appeal so woohoo :)

kind regards,
Claire B

For Sale Update — 17-Sep-2014

Hi All,

I’m selling off everything I have left, moving into the makeup scene. So message me if interested in the items I have for sale.
All can be seen on my facebook page (prices in the item description, deals can be done for combined items), link shared below:

items for sale

hoping to hear from interested buyers :)

Payment method is either gift card (UK pound) or ccbill donation (dollars) method using the links at bottom of this website. (add 3 pound for p&p for European interested buyers, 4 for rest of world)



General Update – 08-Sep-2014

Hi Everyone,

got such disappointing news today that my old YouTube Channel got terminated, so have to start all over again. hopefully it will be 3rd time lucky with YouTube Channel.

I was reported for spam, which felt was completely unjust and unfair and tried to appeal, but was unsuccessful. It happened before in the channel before that with over 17,000 subscribers. So will extra careful this time, not to include links to get people to leave youtube and not stay on it in my videos.

so please subscribe to my brand new channel “clairebunni” using the button at the real bottom of this website.

I will begin uploading videos again over the next few weeks. most likely will edit some previous videos together to save on uploading every single one of them again. As I don’t have the patience or time again to be uploading 46 videos, 1-2 times a week.


General Update – 01-Sep-2014

Hey Everyone,

I’ve now sold all my wigs bar one and my dresses and Hosiery.
So just have 2 bikini’s, one lingerie piece and numerous bra’s and underwear left, which I will put all up for sale along with the outfit I will receive after I record final co-operation youtube videos.

kind regards,