Update – 09-May-2015

Hi All,

just to let you know Mastercard payments for my adult videos will expire around next month as I won’t be paying the 500 dollars fee to take mastercard payment via ccbill anymore.

So payment via ccbill will only be allowed via Visa and other card companies ccbill supports.

If you don’t have any other credit card that is not mastercard, then you will need to contact me to arrange alternative payment via and amazon.co.uk email gift card payment (will be in UK sterling/pounds) instead and I will then send on the username and password etc in order to download.

Also I’m still looking to get rid of all my clothes and the offer of 100 pound for everything listed on the site for sale still stands, so please get in contact and I will sell for that, which includes P&P.

I will be open to reasonable offers for the same if no one wants to pay what I want.

I have also deleted my youtube account, I will try get some video plugin for my website to upload the videos here instead and just concentrate on managing my website until my domain expires etc.

Looking to sell – 20-April-2015

Hi all,

I’m looking to sell all the clothes I’ve left, which can be seen on my shop tab on this website.

I will sell the whole lot for 100 pound to the first interested person, as long as they from Europe. 110 pound if anywhere else.

so please get in contact if your interested.



Update – 04-April-2015

Hi Everyone,

Just to confirm I have left Facebook and the only official social media account I have remaining are YouTube and i’ts corresponding Google+ account.

If you notice any other accounts using my name, photos or videos on Facebook. this is not me and an impostor pretending to be me. so please report them if you see this occurring as that is a breach of my copyright or report the violations to me so I can follow up on them.

I have blocked the person(s) country from accessing my website anymore, so if you happen to be from that country. I’m sorry it comes to this, but I had no other choice as that person fails to listen to me and keeping creating profiles using my personal info and photos which i strictly forbid and do not allow.

Thanks to everyone stopping by on my website and checking out my pics or buying videos, you are my true fans and i really appreciate your business and nice emails i receive from time to time.

kind regards,

Announcement – 22-FEB-2015

Hi Everyone,

I would like to take this time to announcement my retirement as my Claire Bunni/CDBunni character persona.

First of all I would like to say thanks to everyone who subscribed, liked or watched all of my youtube videos over the past 2 and half years. much appreciated and felt great to build up such a loyal and vast fanbase. I will only have good memories of my time as this persona would like to say goodbye to you all as I moving onto a new chapter in my life with new challenges and saying farewell to all of this.

Extra appreciation and thanks goes to anyone who bought any of my videos over the past two years as if it wasn’t for them sales i would have retired way sooner than this, as was losing the interest after the first year.

I learned about myself, tried out a few things, experimented so can say I have truly no regrets over this small period in my life, as I now know what i like and don’t like and if you don’t try things then you will never know and only regret it.

I’m just grown out of this now and want to move on to a different chapter in my life. As the saying goes – all good things come to a end, so thanks again folks and I hope someone better comes along to fill my void in this scene and keep you folks all entertained and happy.

This site will stay up and active until this november and i will continue to maintain the site till then, but that just you will not see any new content from me in the future.

many thanks and all the best folks :)
claire bunni

General Update – 07-Feb-2015

Hey everyone,

I have now completed my website host server change to hostgator :)

I had lots of problems with godaddy getting it to work with ccbill system with my first attempt to change back at the start of january, so reverted back to digiweb server. But now gave hostgator a try and everything is working great now so will stick with hostgator and cancel my previous host server with digiweb due to the extra traffic benefits with hostgator.

I will begin adding a video stream service option of videos I have not reuploaded to YouTube, that i recorded before to run from my website here in the Media section over the next week.

I will also look at integrating a shopping cart option for custom bundles for adult area videos, which I know some have enquired before so that you can save on the videos that you want to buy instead of purchasing them individually or all of the year bundle options currently available. single purchase option and the yearly bundles will also remain as is.

kind regards,