About Me

Hi all,

Thanks for visiting my website, I’m a 24 year old young irish crossdresser/illusionist living in Ireland (not on hormones or doing hrt). I’m 5’10, slim, athletic, brown eyes, a size uk 10-12 dress/underwear size, 34 bra, and UK 9.5/US 12 in shoes/heels.

I’ve had my experiences so I now know who I am, what I like to do and want I want in life. I have no plans at present to become a full time crossdresser i.e. live as a woman or even become a woman. I love both the masculine side and feminine side of me. It’s all a bit of fun for me at the end of the day and will enjoy the crossdressing side of me until I grow bored and fall out of love for it in the end, as I don’t do it for sexual reasons and just do it for fun, as I like the illusion of trying to transform into the girl as passable as I can do without any hormones etc.

I upload videos of me on YouTube either modelling and posing in clothes I’ve bought, people bought for me or people/websites have provided to promote their websites and also from time to time I will post the odd transformation makeup video ;) Once I become a qualified makeup artist I plan to do tutorial videos which people may find useful ;) until then hope you enjoy my videos and subscribe to my channel. You can also find me on Facebook and likes to my page always appreciated.

My main love is makeup and it’s something I plan to go further into i.e. become a fully qualified makeup artist and start giving makeovers to people and transforming other tgirls/cds that wish to be transformed.

I’m bi-sexual, but my preference is for women, and I don’t jump into bed with just anyone ;)

All payments are handled through the ccbill payment processor (amazon.co.uk gift cards also accepted) for anything I sell on this website. PayPal is not used due to sale of the video content in the Adult area section of my website (against paypal terms), in which I know some of you maybe will be interested in purchasing to see the more adult material of me that can’t be seen on my youtube videos, videos have a preview page with the details of the video to see what kind of content your buying, check it out if your intrigued as business always appreciated. I do accept Amazon.co.uk email gift cards as an alternative payment method, but ccbill is my preferred billing/payment solution.

Thanks again for stopping by my website, feel free to browse around, pictures and videos I have shared, and the adult area to purchase adult videos if you want to see those type of videos ;)  or contact me using the contact form if you have any queries about buying anything on my site, want to buy me stuff from my amazon wish list or just want to send me compliments, which are always welcome :)

lots of love,
Claire xxx